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Fast Facts

  • Sharpen Skills Training, based in Brunswick, Ohio, offers a range of athletic training and conditioning sessions, workshops, and personal training programs designed to improve speed, agility and strength.
  • The training center is staffed by former collegiate athlete Mental Performance Coaches, with extensive experience, including coaching gymnastics, lacrosse, and working with Army ROTC programs.
  • They offer various packages to fit different needs, from individual sessions to monthly memberships, and even an Elite Athlete Training Program that combines physical and mental training.
  • Sharpen Skills Training caters to a variety of age groups, from 3rd grade to 12th grade, and offers specialized programs for different sports, including volleyball and lacrosse.

In-depth review of Sharpen Skills Traning

Sharpen Skills Training, situated in Brunswick, Ohio, provides a broad spectrum of programs designed to boost the mental prowess of athletes. This facility, with its focus on individual sports training, offers a distinctive and beneficial service to athletes seeking to improve their performance in their chosen sports. The training programs available encompass a variety of sports, such as volleyball and lacrosse, and are crafted to aid athletes in achieving success both mentally and physically.

A key aspect of Sharpen Skills Training is their focus on mental performance coaching. The facility provides mental training sessions tailored to specific positions for athletes in various sports, including volleyball and lacrosse. These sessions are designed to enhance athletes' mental strength, enabling them to overcome common challenges and elevate their performance. By educating athletes on the impact of the mind on physical performance and equipping them with practical mental strategies, Sharpen Skills Training provides athletes with the necessary tools to excel in their sport.

The Mental Performance Coaching program provided by Sharpen Skills Training has received high praise from clients. Feedback emphasizes the positive influence of the program on young athletes, lauding its effectiveness in fostering positive thinking, confidence, and resilience. Clients value the age-appropriate life lessons and tools provided by the coaching, which assist athletes in developing a holistic approach to sports and life. This program is especially beneficial for athletes who experience inconsistency in competition or who perform better in practice than in actual games.

Beyond mental performance coaching, Sharpen Skills Training also provides athletic training and individual sports training programs. These programs aim to enhance athletes' overall performance by focusing on specific skills and techniques. Whether it's refining volleyball skills or improving lacrosse techniques, athletes can anticipate personalized attention and expert advice from seasoned coaches.

The facility itself offers a suitable environment for training, with options for sports practice rentals, birthday parties, and other events. This flexibility allows athletes to not only enhance their skills but also have a well-rounded experience at Sharpen Skills Training.

In conclusion, Sharpen Skills Training is a beneficial resource for athletes aiming to improve their mental and physical performance. With a strong focus on mental performance coaching, personalized training programs, and a positive reputation among clients, this facility provides a comprehensive and effective strategy to assist athletes in achieving success. Whether an athlete is aiming to enhance their mental game, refine their skills, or gain a competitive advantage, Sharpen Skills Training provides the necessary resources and support to help them reach their goals.

Products and Services

  • Mental Performance Coaching: This program focuses on strengthening the mental aspect of an athlete's performance. It provides education on the impact of the mind on physical performance and equips athletes with practical mental strategies to overcome challenges and enhance their performance.
  • Athletic Training: Sharpen Skills Training offers athletic training programs designed to improve an athlete's overall performance. These programs focus on developing specific skills and techniques.
  • Individual Sports Training: This service provides personalized training programs for specific sports like volleyball and lacrosse. Athletes receive individual attention and expert advice from seasoned coaches.
  • Sports Practice Rentals: The facility provides options for sports practice rentals, allowing athletes to utilize the space for their training needs. This service enhances the athletes' experience and provides them with a suitable environment for training.

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