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Fast Facts

  • Couture Peak Performance is a specialized training program that emphasizes the mental aspect of baseball, which is often considered to be 1 percent mental and 99 percent physical.
  • The head coach for USA Baseball and IMG Academy, Dave Turgeon, believes that the mental side of baseball controls 1 percent of the game but significantly influences the remaining 99 percent, a principle that Couture Peak Performance incorporates into its training.
  • Couture Peak Performance offers tailored training sessions, with a package of four customized sessions available at $550 per month.
  • Dave Turgeon, a renowned figure in the baseball world and the current head coach for USA Baseball and IMG Academy, supports the training approach of Couture Peak Performance, emphasizing the critical role of mental skills in baseball performance.

In-depth review of Couture Peak Performance

Couture Peak Performance is a mental performance coaching service that specializes in assisting elite athletes to reach their maximum potential. This service bridges the gap between athletes' current performance levels and their potential by using a scientifically-based approach and practical solutions.

A distinguishing feature of Couture Peak Performance is its focus on the role of mental strength in athletic performance. This is supported by testimonials from professionals in the sports industry, who emphasize the importance of mental skills in differentiating between success and mediocrity. This focus on the psychological aspect of sports differentiates Couture Peak Performance from other coaching services.

Couture Peak Performance offers a program that is customized to meet the unique needs of each athlete. Through individual mental skills consulting, athletes are provided with personalized guidance and support to enhance their mental resilience and overcome setbacks. The service also offers team mental skills development to foster a cohesive and mentally strong group dynamic, enabling athletes to perform at their best collectively. Recognizing the crucial role of coaches in shaping athletes' mental skills, Couture Peak Performance also provides coaching for coaches.

The service is led by Dave Turgeon, a former professional player and coach with a wealth of experience. Turgeon's understanding of the importance of mental skills in sports is reflected in the program's solutions-based interventions, which are inspired by renowned psychologists Steve De Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. Couture Peak Performance adopts a holistic approach to mental performance coaching, acknowledging that the "problem" is not always inherent in individuals experiencing mental health issues.

Couture Peak Performance is based at Garage Total Sports Training in Houston, TX, and is dedicated to excellence. It offers a range of services to help athletes thrive and grow. The program's emphasis on practical methods and tips enables athletes to bridge the gap between their current performance level and their potential. Couture Peak Performance encourages athletes to shift their focus from future outcomes to controllables, helping them avoid performance-disrupting stress and anxiety.

In summary, Couture Peak Performance offers a comprehensive mental performance coaching service for elite athletes. With a scientifically-based approach, personalized guidance, and a focus on mental strength, this program provides athletes with the tools they need to unlock their full potential. Under the leadership of experienced coach Dave Turgeon, Couture Peak Performance provides practical methods and tips to help athletes bridge the gap between their current performance levels and their potential. Whether it's individual consulting, team development, or coaching for coaches, this service is committed to helping athletes thrive and achieve peak performance.

Products and Services

  • Individual mental skills consulting
  • Team mental skills development
  • Coaching for coaches
  • Solutions-based interventions

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