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Fast Facts

  • AMPlify Sports Psychology, under the leadership of Brian Baxter, offers a comprehensive program for teams that includes a series of 4-12 sessions, individual consultation, and consistent communication with coaches. This program is designed to enhance team culture, leadership, communication, and teamwork.
  • Brian Baxter, the director of AMPlify Sports Psychology, has an extensive background in coaching and public speaking, with over 25 years of experience in coaching and over a decade in public speaking. He has been delivering presentations at conferences and organizations nationwide.
  • AMPlify Sports Psychology has had notable success with athletes, including a soccer player who scored a goal and had two assists in a game and a fencer who won the Div 1A event at the Summer Nationals, placing them in the top 60 on the national points list.
  • AMPlify Sports Psychology offers a range of resources for athletes, including video lessons with downloadable worksheets, a 6-month journal for competitive soccer players and fencers, and an audio program on iTunes that guides athletes through mental toughness training.

In-depth review of AMPlify Sports Psychology

AMPlify Sports Psychology, located in the bustling city of Portland, Oregon, serves as a beacon for athletes, teams, coaches, and organizations aiming to tap into their full potential. The service's mission is grounded in the conviction that mental training techniques can enhance performance, and it offers its services not only nationwide but also internationally. The highly respected Brian Baxter, a seasoned Mental Performance Coach with a Master's degree in Sport Psychology, leads AMPlify, demonstrating the effectiveness of training the mind in tandem with the body.

With over 15 years of experience, Brian Baxter's knowledge resonates with those striving to achieve their highest performance levels. His past as an athlete and coach gives him a deep understanding of the obstacles encountered in the sports world. Through AMPlify, Baxter provides a variety of specialized services designed for athletes, teams, organizations, and coaches, ensuring that each client's specific needs are addressed.

AMPlify emphasizes the value of hard work over inherent talent. The website delves into this long-standing debate, arguing that while talent may be elusive and uncontrollable, hard work is a tangible force that can be harnessed. The site explores various interpretations of talent, suggesting that it is a capacity that can be nurtured and developed over time through training and effort. This belief aligns with the famous "10,000 hour rule" made popular by Malcolm Gladwell, which suggests that mastering a task requires an impressive 10,000 hours of practice. Even stars like LeBron James and Lionel Messi, who are naturally gifted, are praised for their relentless work ethic.

AMPlify's expertise goes beyond individual athletes, including teams of all levels. Their specialized team services aim to improve performance and cohesion, catering to collegiate, professional, and elite sports clubs, among others. Through team-building counseling and activities, AMPlify helps teams reach their competitive goals. Their consultants collaborate closely with coaches to customize training to the team's specific needs, offering services both on-site and remotely via Skype or Zoom. From managing emotions to maintaining a positive mindset, visualizing success, and performing under pressure, AMPlify provides teams with the mental strength necessary for victory.

The website features testimonials from happy clients, illustrating the transformative effect of AMPlify's sport psychology services. Success stories and positive experiences are plentiful, demonstrating the unlocking of hidden potential in athletes, teams, and organizations. The site even invites visitors to leave their own reviews and feedback, promoting a sense of community and trust.

For those looking to enhance their mental skills and improve physical performance, AMPlify offers the "AMPlify Your Game" online mental performance training program. This comprehensive program includes courses on mental training, cultivating a positive mindset, developing focus, and more. Each course consists of video lessons and downloadable worksheets, equipping athletes with the tools they need to excel when it counts. While AMPlify Your Game is based in Portland, it caters to clients across the United States and beyond.

In summary, AMPlify Sports Psychology is a powerful player in the field of mental training for athletes and teams. With a focus on hard work, extensive experience, and a dedication to unlocking potential, AMPlify provides a wide range of services that cater to each client's unique needs. Whether you're an individual athlete looking to improve your game or a team aiming for cohesion and victory, AMPlify's expertise and dedication are ready to assist you on your path to peak performance.

Products and Services

  • Individual Consultations: AMPlify Sports Psychology offers one-on-one consultations with athletes to help improve their mental performance. These sessions are led by experienced mental performance coach, Brian Baxter, who uses his expertise to help athletes overcome obstacles and reach their peak performance.
  • Team Services: The company provides specialized services for sports teams that aim to improve performance and team cohesion. These services include team-building counseling and activities, and are available for collegiate, professional, and elite sports clubs.
  • Online Training Program: AMPlify offers the "AMPlify Your Game" online mental performance training program. This comprehensive program includes courses on mental training, cultivating a positive mindset, developing focus, and more. Each course includes video lessons and downloadable worksheets.
  • Consultation for Coaches and Organizations: AMPlify also caters to coaches and sports organizations, offering consultations and training programs designed to improve team performance and cohesion. These services are customized to meet the specific needs of each coach or organization.

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